Step Out of Line

Mobile Ordering
Made Easy

SEATBUM Is The New Way To Order Concessions Directly To Your Seat So You Don't Have To Wait In Line Or Miss Any Of The Action!

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SEATBUM is an in-seat stadium delivery app that allows fans at sporting events to order concessions directly to their seats or have them picked up at the nearest express kiosk.​

  • Download the SEATBUM app
  • ​​Register and set up profile​​
  • Select menu items and place order​​
  • Order arrives and payment is processed

Fully Customizable and
Simple Process Integration

The SEATBUM app can be integrated into any existing team app.
We want to create the best experience for your fans!

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1.Discovery call

This is where we kick off the conversation and learn more about your specific venue and concession operations. The SEATBUM App and Platform Demo usually takes between 30-45mins. We are happy to answer any questions prior to the call.

2.Sign Agreement

This is the stage we discuss terms and pricing. Venues can choose between the following: per order delivery fee, percentage of sales, or a straight licensing fee. We always put our clients first and will help select the best option for you.

3.Pre-Launch Planning

Let the Fun Begin! The SEATBUM Team will review our extensive training manual with you on how to navigate the concessions management platform. In addition, we work with your venue to help strategize and develop a marketing plan prior to launch.

4.Pilot Engagement

Game Time! At SEATBUM, we believe in being hands on and visit every venue we partner with prior to launch. This is the final stage where we will run several test scenarios and provide additional training. We are available 24/7 to support the success of your operations.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The SEATBUM Dashboard is designed to provide concession operators the ability to seamlessly track valuable data and manage staff more efficiently.

  • In-App Advertising, Promotions
  • Control inventory items
  • Customized Sales Reports
  • Create market forecasts
  • Track customer spending
  • Savings on payroll expenses

Our Mission

At SEATBUM, we value what matters most and that’s family, friends and good times. We want to DELIVER the best quality experience so fans can enjoy these times together making memories and not waiting in line.

So sit back, relax and be a SEATBUM!

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